Tanto: Oite Echigo Kuni Yoshimitsu

Ordering number: 23608

Tanto: in Sharaya

Signature: Oite Echigo Kuni Yoshimitsu (Hosho-style)(Mukansa sword maker)
Summer of Heisei 8 (1996)
於越後国義光 (保昌写し)(無監査刀匠)

Our company categorizes swords as “Superior,” “Excellent,” “Fine,” or “Standard” based on the
the craftsmanship of the swordsmith. This particular piece is classified as “Fine” in terms of its quality.
Habaki: Gold goiled single Habaki.
Blade Length: 26.8 cm (approximately 10.55 inches)
Curvature: None (straight blade)
Mei-Nagai Ana (peg hole): 1 hole
Motohaba (width at base): 2.64 cm (approximately 1.04 inches)
Kasane (thickness): 0.8 cm (approximately 0.31 inches)
Sword Weight: 275 grams (approximately 0.61 pounds)
Time Period: Contemporary
Shape: This sword features a broad body, thick kasane, and a straight blade with no curvature.
Jigane: appears finely forged with faint masame hada
(straight grain pattern), resembling Yamashiro-style steel.
Hamon (temper line) : Hamon is characterized by a clear straight temper with contrasting Hataraki (activity) in double and triple
lines, creating a lively appearance. The Boshi exhibits an intense Saka-ashi. The blade shows prominent kin-suji and Sunagashi.

Features: Yasumitsu Ono was born in Kurozaki-cho, Nishi-Kambara-gun, Niigata
Prefecture. He learned the art of swordsmithing from Yoshihito Yoshihara. In 1975 (Showa 50),
he received the Encouragement Award, and in 1980, he established his private forge. In the
same year, he was honored with the Effort Award, Encouragement Award, and the prestigious
Takamatsu-no-Miya Award. In 1987 (Showa 62), he was certified as a swordsmith without
inspection. He is particularly renowned for his Yamatori Kei reproductions, which have received high praise.

From Aoi Art: Yasumitsu Ono, under the guidance of Yoshihito Yoshihara, learned the art
of swordsmithing and successfully produced his own Tamahagane (iron sand) steel. This piece is a reproduction of Yoshihira from Echigo Province, and its steel appears to resemble Yamashiro-style steel at first glance but reveals a finely crafted masame hada pattern upon closer inspection. The hamon features a beautiful straight temper with double and triple lines that exhibit lively saka-ashi and striking Sunagashi patterns. With time, the Masame pattern will likely become more pronounced. This is a healthy blade with a substantial remaining Yakiba
(tempered edge), making it a splendid and satisfying work of art. We highly recommend it.

Aoi Art estimation paper
Whole Oshigata

Price:1,200,000 JPY-.

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