Shelf: Makie-hako (Makie box)

Ordering number: F23119

Shelf: Makie-hako (Makie box)

Mei (signature) : Mumei
Shelf Size: Width 37.7cm x Depth 20.7cm x Height 35.7cm
(W114.84 inches x D8.15 inches x H14.06 inches)
Outer Box Size: Width 41.5cm x Depth 23.5cm x Height 39.5cm
(W16.34 inches x D9.25 inches x H15.55 inches)
Weight: 5.65 kg (12.46 lbs)
Jidai (era): Late Edo Shogunate period

Special feature : The design features tigers, bamboo, and various plants painted on a gold Nashiji background.
This set includes a tiered food box, a tray, a cup, and two silver Sake bottles(259g・251g). It is highly recommended.

In the box.
Aoi Art estimation paper
*Please note: The price does not include shipping fees.

Price:550,000 JPY-.

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