Small Ken(Kogatana): Yukihira on the Habaki

Ordering number: 12674

Small Ken(Kogatana) in black color Saya.

Signature : Yukihira on the Habaki.

Blade Length: 13.9 cm (5.47 in).
Width at the Hamachi: 1.01 cm (0.40 in).
Kasane (Thickness): 0.55 cm (0.22 in)
Era : modern times.
Shape : small size Ken. It looks like Kogatana.
Hamon : Suguha Hamon

Special feature : The Habaki and the handle are made of iron and integrated with the blade.

The blade is short enough not to get an export permit,
we can send this item right away to overseas.

Aoi Art estimation paper
*Please note: The price does not include shipping fees.

Price:150,000 JPY-.

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