Katana: Kasama Ikkansai Shigetsugu Saku Taisho 11 Nen 8 Gatsu Kichijitsu Ou Nakajima Taii Ju(NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token)

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Katana in Shirasaya (Tokubetsu Hozon Token)

Kasama Ikkansei Shigetsugu Saku 笠間一貫斎繁継作之

Taisho 11 Nen 8 Gatsu Kichijitsu Ou Nakajima Taii Ju
(made in August 1922 at the request of Captain Nakajima)

(We divide 4 sections for each sword as Saijyo saku, Jyojyo saku
Jyo saku and regular saku)
This blade belongs to Jyo Jyo Saku ranking.

Habaki: Silver foiled single Habaki
Blade Length: 72.6 cm (28.58 in)
Curvature: 2.0 cm (0.79 in)
Mekugi Hole: 1
Width at Base: 3.27 cm (1.29 in)
Width at the Tip: 2.28 cm (0.90 in)
Thickness of Rim (Kasane): 0.72 cm (0.28 in)
Era: Taisho 11 (1922)

Shape: wide and thick blade with deep curve.
Jigane: Well-refined ko-itame hada producing a beautiful jigane. Hamon: Nie-deki, gunome midare with well-placed ashi.

Special feature:
Kasama Ikkansai Shigetsugu, whose real name is Kasama Yoshikazu, was born in Shizuoka prefecture in 1886.
He moved to Tokyo in 1903, and forged swords in the residence of Toyama Mitsuru. He won many awards, and Tsukamoto Okimasa and Miyairi Yukihira studied under him.
He passed away in 1966.
The inscription “Captain Nakajima” is considered to refer to the following individual:

Chikuhei Nakajima (Quoted and excerpted from Wikipedia)
Chikuhei Nakajima (January 1, 1884 – October 29, 1949) was a Japanese naval officer, businessman, and politician. Known as the founder of Nakajima Aircraft (which later became Fuji Industries, Fuji Heavy Industries, and is now known as SUBARU), he later turned to politics, serving as a minister and as the leader of the Rikken Seiyukai.

NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Paper
Aoi Art estimation paper
Whole Oshigata

Price:1,200,000 JPY-.

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