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Tsuruta’s Blog (July 2024)

How are you? The summer season is almost here, and the cicadas will soon start singing. Currently, in Japan, 1 US dollar equals 161 yen, creating a severe labor shortage. As a result, many small businesses are struggling and some are even closing down.

China's population has reached 1.4257 billion, but the one-child policy enforced by the government in the past has led to a sharp decline in the birth rate. As people become accustomed to a wealthy lifestyle, they tend not to have children and instead enjoy a comfortable life with their families. Currently, the most populous country in the world is India, but India is also experiencing a decline in population. It can be said that India has become a country where families do not want to have children.

When I was in elementary school, Indian Prime Minister Nehru responded to the wishes of Japanese children by sending an Indian elephant to Ueno Zoo, and it was named "Indira" after his daughter. The elephant, loved by everyone, lived until the age of 49. As you may know, Indians are particularly good at math, learning multiplication up to three digits, while Japanese learn up to one digit.
I have been to India as well, and the heat was overwhelming. Even Indians struggle with the heat. However, air conditioners have been in use for over 20 years, and now many households have affordable and efficient air conditioners, allowing children to study comfortably every day. Their competitive spirit leads to higher academic performance, and it will be interesting to see how India's national power and political influence will develop in the future.

The first civilizations in the world emerged in the Tigris-Euphrates river basin (Mesopotamian civilization), the Nile river basin (Egyptian civilization), the Yellow River (Chinese civilization), and the Indus river basin (Indus civilization). These civilizations were supported by abundant water. However, as civilization advances, water consumption increases significantly. It is crucial to conserve water for the development of our future lifestyles.
Traveling abroad has become commonplace, leading to large-scale migration of people. It is natural for people from poor countries to want to live in wealthy countries. Many people live in Tokyo, and in 10 years, their lifestyles may be very different.
I am currently working on a book about Captain Kinashi, which will be available on Amazon and in Tokyo bookstores in about 10 days. Since I wrote it myself, my dreams are growing, and it would be exciting if it became a movie.

A few years ago, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the government made efforts to produce a domestic passenger plane, but they failed to obtain type certification. This certification is crucial for proving the safety of an aircraft in the selling country and involves very strict standards. Meanwhile, two Chinese airlines ordered 100 aircraft from a Chinese company. Mitsubishi tried to complete the project by bringing in foreign experts, but without the type certification, it ended in a significant failure. Mitsubishi suffered a loss of 1 trillion yen, and the government lost 300 billion yen. The failure highlights the problems in the relationship between the government and private companies.
In the past, Honda faced challenges when the government tried to prevent it from producing cars. The company's founder, Soichiro Honda, was furious and persisted through many failures until finally achieving success. Whether Mitsubishi has the same level of determination and resilience is uncertain. I believe significant effort is needed, and collaboration with motivated companies, rather than relying solely on Mitsubishi, is essential. The government should refrain from excessive intervention to ensure success.
The Earth has been around for 4.6 billion years, and it is said that it will take another 5 billion years before the Earth is swallowed by the sun. However, researchers have stated that by 2070, 4.5 billion people could die due to global warming. In 46 years, I will be 130 years old, so I might only have about three more years to live if I try hard. Let's not dwell on it.
We are heading into unpredictable times. In the United States, there is a proposal to raise tariffs by 50%, affecting all countries. The concept of friendly relations seems to be fading, and we may be entering an era of increasing conflicts. In 10 years, global warming and population movements are likely to become more prominent.

Please take care of yourselves. Show respect and care for the elderly. Husbands, treat your wives with kindness. Encourage your children to live a kind and lively life. Spending a few days in nature during the summer vacation can create lasting memories. The Tokyo elections are underway, providing a great opportunity to carefully choose and vote for the best candidates. It is encouraging to see more women taking active roles compared to before.

Improving Japan's Politics Association Chairman, Don Quixote Kazunari Tsuruta