Japanese Sword Study Meeting #3

This time, we explain the function of the blade and the sword.

①刃中の働き Hachu no Hataraki (Various patterns in the Ha)
In the Ha (from the Nioikuchi to the cutting edge), there are various patterns.
It is depending on the amount of soil in the quenching blade at the time of quenching, the quenching temperature, and the difference in the forging and composition of the quenched iron.

② 刃紋 Hamon (Pattern in the blade)
Hamon is a visible white line on the blade and the outline of the Yakiba.
Mainly, there are straight Hamon and wavy Hamon.
There are various types, and the characteristics differ depending on the swordsmith, age, school, etc.
The cause of Hamon is the difference in the impurity content of the metal.

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