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Japanese Sword Study Meeting #8

Things to prepare Whetstone

1. Rough grind
2. Iyoto
3. Fecal water grind
4. Nakanakura
5 Hosonakura
6 blades
6 ground discount
 Studying polishing
To be clear, I'm not a person who can polish Japanese sword well,
However, the cost of polishing is also high, and most of the rusted works of Wakizashi are left unattended.
For example, rusted Wakizashi is sold for about 20,000 yen. Polishing will cost about 50,000 yen, and adding shirasaya and habaki will cost about 100,000 yen. Especially people living in foreign countries will have to leave the rusted sword to rust. Now is the time to tackle this problem
I can't do anything about it, so I will be Golden Bat, will face it. As I mentioned earlier, I am not good at Japanese sword polishing well, and I am not currently polish japanese swords with the same shape that many polishers do.
Normally, a person will point the sword at the grindstone and proceed with polishing, but I take the method of holding the grindstone and touching it against the blade in order to do it without any help. The good point is that you can polish while sitting.
So far, I have taught about 5 people and passed the examination at the Japanese Sword Museum. I grew up in about a year. However, I only tell you how to do it.
The method is not so difficult, and once one process is completed, the next step will be started. Change the grindstone and take it after polishing the previous grindstone.
When the polishing of the first rough grindstone that does not decrease so much is completed, it takes twice as long as the rough grindstone to polish with the Iyo grindstone, and the third grindstone takes twice as long as the Iyo grindstone, and then the next grindstone Take another double time to polish using twice as much as the previous whetstone until the end.     

1. Correct the rusted or chipped part with a rough whetstone.
2. Use Iyo whetstone to scrape the rough part of the rough whetstone.
3. If it is completely polished, use a stool water whetstone to grind the Iyo whetstone.
4. In the same way, use a fine whetstone to polish the previously used part.
5. When polishing Japanese sword, soap(regular soap) in water. Alternatively, dilute the washing water for washing in water and apply it to the surface. This will not be flawed.
7. Oh yeahPlease leave bandages and blood stoping medicine .
Please leave chemicals such as hemostasis.
Japanese swords are quite sharp, so you should be careful.

Well then, today is the beginning of polishing. Let's study for one year and pass the examination of the Japanese Sword Museum. Please study while looking closely.

Occasionally I will explain with caution. In the final process, carefully cut your nails and never put dust or grindstone powder around them. Otherwise, it will dry out and the grindstone powder will cause many scratches on the blade. There is also a problem if you try too hard and overdo it. Do you like a beautiful job? Okay, it's okay
Polishing is not difficult, but it can be extremely difficult when considering art. I sigh when I see a wonderfully polished piece. I can't do it myself, but I'm sure I know its beauty well,
It's a good idea to learn from a polishing master when you're going to gain experience and devote yourself to polishing. Polishing isn't difficult, but it's extremely difficult when you think about art. I sigh when I see a wonderfully polished piece. I can't do it myself, but I'm sure I know its beauty well,
If you want to gain experience and devote yourself to polishing, it is a good idea to learn from a polishing master.

Today I teach you to polish Arato polishing stoe,( rough polishing stone) which is artficcial polishing stone.

Today I would like to inform you about rough grinding,
This whetstone is made of art ficcial stone, which has a very strong polishing power.
Polish the rusted and non-rusted parts with this whetstone while making the shape as smooth as possible.
This whetstone is quite effective and must be carefully polished. In particular, over-polishing the cutting edge and the blade can lead to ridiculous things. Therefore, please polish while considering the next polishing. It needs to be completely polished. Otherwise, it will be difficult to repair this first sharpened part with the next polishing whetstone.