Tanto : Yoshimitsu (Tosa)(NBTHK Hozon Token)

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Tanto in Shirasaya with Koshirae(NBTHK Hozon Token)

Inscription: Yoshimitsu (Tosa)

At our company, we categorize swords based on their craftsmanship, listing them as top-notch, excellent, high-quality, and standard. This particular piece is classified as a high-quality work, ranking among the top.

Habaki: Single copper Habaki
Blade Length: 19.8 centimeters (7.80 inches)
Curvature: Internal curvature
Peg Hole: 1
Base Width: 1.76 centimeters (0.69 inches)
Thickness: 0.61 centimeters (0.24 inches)
Weight: 90 grams
Muromachi Period, Mid-Muromachi Era
Shape: This piece features a somewhat short blade with a thick back and a long tang.
Jigane: It displays a fine Ko-itame hada (small wood grain pattern) with a faint whitish appearance.
Hamon: The hamon is a small midareba (irregular pattern) with nie (martensite crystals). The boshi (temper at the tip) is rounded.

Features:Tosa Yoshimitsu is often mistaken for Yamashiro Yoshimitsu, but Tosa Yoshimitsu is known for producing thick-backed blades, and the majority of his works date back to the Muromachi period. This is a highly recommended piece.

Koshirea: Aikuchi Koshirae
Menuki: Shishi dog is engraved with gold color.
Saya: Brown Nashiji Saya
Fuchikashira: Black horn
Kozuka Kogatana: painted a family crest with gold color.

NBTHK Hozon Token
Aoi Art estimation paper
Whole Oshigata
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Price: 250,000 yen (including consumption tax and shipping)

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