Makie-bako (Makie box) : Mumei (Unsigned)

Ordering number:F21020
Makie-bako (Makie box) :
Mei (signature) : Mumei (Unsigned)

Makie-box size : H about 22.3 cm x W about 9.9 cm x D about 3.4 cm (H about 8.77 inches x W 3.89 inches x D about 1.33 inches)
wood Box: H about 24.2cm x W about 12 cm x D about 6.4 cm
(H about 9.52 inches x W 4.72 inches x D about 2.51 inches)
Suzuri: H about 11.3 cm x W about 3.2 cm(H about 4.44 inches x W 1.25 inches )
Suiteki:H about 3.1 cm x W about 2.1 cm(H about 1.22 inches x W 0.82 inches)
Total Weight: 536g(without packing)
Era: late Tokugawa shogunate

Special feature: Makie box is made imitating Koto(japanese traditional musical instrument) and has a silver Shishi lion in front. Suzuri is painted with gold, Suiteki is made with silver imitating chrysanthemum. There is a space you can put a paperweight or ink stick, and temporarily a writing brush while writing. The part where Suzuri and Suiteki fit is detachable. The box outside is colored by reddish gold and inside gorgeous Kinnashi-ji.

Aoi Art estimation paper.

Price:325,000 JPY-.

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