Inro: Mumei

Ordering number : F09089

Mei (signature) :Mumei.

Inro : H 11.13 cm x W 7.30 cm x D 3.20 cm.
( H 4.38 inches x W 2.87 inches x 1.25 inches)

Netsuke : H 2.37 cm x W 4.79 cm x D 3.88 cm.
( H 0.93  inches x W 1.88 inches x D 1.52 inches)

Jidai(era) : After Meiji period

Special feature : The Inro was made of wood. Pine tree is engraved.
Netsuke was made of wood. Shells are engraved. There is a signature “Tomonobu”.
At he beginning, Inro was used as a tool to keep one’s
seal and vermilion inkpad inside. But the early Edo period, it changed to
carry some medicines. In travel, it became necessaries regardless of the
man and woman. A lot of Inro consists of the group of a small box from 3
to 4 steps. Several kinds of regular medicines were subdivided here.
As the Edo period neared its end, inro became increasingly decorative
and popular as fashionable accesories.

In the box
AOI estimation paper

Price : 170,000 JPY-. (including the shipping fee)

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