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Katana:Hizen Kuni Masahiro (6th Generation)(NBTHK Toikubetsu Hozon Token)

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Katana in Shirasaya(NBTHK Toikubetsu Hozon Token)

Inscription: Hizen Kuni Masahiro (6th Generation)

(We divide 4 sections for each sword as Saijyo saku, Jyojyo saku
Jyo saku and regular saku)
This blade belongs to Jyo Jyo saku ranking.
Habaki : Silver single habaki.
Blade Length: 68.25cm or 26.88 inches
Curvature: 1.15cm or 0.597 inches
Nakago Hole: 1
Motohaba (Width at Base): 3.27cm or 1.28 inches
Sakihaba (Width at Tip): 2.36cm or 0.93 inches
Kasane (Thickness): 0.76cm or 0.30 inches
Sword Weight: 855 grams
Period: Edo period, around the Kyōwa era (1716-1736)
Shape: The sword has a wide body, adequate thickness, and a moderate curvature with a slightly longer cutting edge, making it a well-crafted piece.
Jigane: Small itame-hada that is well-packed and refined.
Hamon: The tempered line consists of soft ashi and occasional hataraki (activity),giving a sense of antiquity. The boshi slightly turns back.

Features: The 6th generation Masahiro, also known as Tomonoshin, lost his father at a young age and entered the school of the 6th Chuyoshi. At the age of 45 in the second year of Kyōwa (1717), he produced works similar to the 8th generation Tadakiyo, showiAng a straight hamon with rich activity in the blade.

From Aoi Art: A sturdy and well-forged piece with a good meaty feel. This piece, weighing 855 grams, is a healthy example, showcasing the distinctive beautiful steel grain of Hizen, with a finely packed ko-nie (small particles). This Hizen steel was carefully protected by the Nabeshima clan and lasted until the late Edo period. It is impressive to see the Tadakiyo lineage, from the 1st to the 8th or 9th generation, enduring and continuing without the interruption.

NBTHK Toikubetsu Hozon Token
Aoi Art estimation paper
Whole Oshigata

Price: 600,000 yen

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