Kabuto : Mumei

Ordering number: F20474
Kabuto :
Mei (signature) : Mumei

Length (main of Kabuto only) : Width 18.0cm x Depth 27.0cm x Height 24.5cm
( 7.08inches x 10.6inches x 9.64inches)
Maximum length : Width 32.5cm x Depth 31.0cm x Height 31.0cm
( 12.7 inches x 12.2inches x 12.2 inches)

Era: Early Edo period

Special feature: Rusted iron color Kabuto with gold color centipede style Maetate

Nihon Kacchu Bugu Kenkyu Hozon Kai(Japanese Armors Research and Preservation Association)- Tokubetsu Kicho paper
AOI estimation paper

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