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Wakizashi: Bizen Koku Ju Osafune Tadamitsu (60th NBTHK Juyo Token)

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Wakizashi: in Shirasaya (60th NBTHK Juyo Token)

Bizen Koku Ju Osafune Tadamitsu 備前国住長船忠光
Eisho 2 Nen 2 Gatsu Kichijitsu 永正二年二月吉日 (February 1505)

Mr. Tanobe's Sayagaki: "Bizen Kuni Osafune Tadamitsu, 8-character signature, dated Eisho 2, February, made by Heizaemon no Jo."
The hamon is in a gunome pattern and is excellently crafted, with superior carving skills.
Blade Length: 1 shaku 7 sun 2 bu 5 rin (52.3 cm, 20.59 in)

Sue-Koto: Jyosaku: Bizen
We divide 4 sections for each sword as Saijyo Saku, Jyojyo Saku, Jyo Saku, and Regular Saku.
This work is ranked as Saijyo Saku for Bizen Kuni Ju Osafune Tadatsugu.

Habaki: Double-layered habaki of gold and plain copper.
Blade Length: 52.3cm (20.59in)
Curvature: 1.7cm (0.67in)
Mekugi Hole: 1
Width at Base: 3.1cm (1.2in)
Width at Tip: 2.0cm (0.8in)
Thickness: 0.8cm (0.3in)
Sword Weight: 555 grams
Era: Muromachi period, Eisho 2, February
Shape: Wide and thick blade with Bo-hi and Boji carving.
Jigane: Fine ko-itame with tight grain and superior quality.There is a faint utsuri on the surface.
Hamon: Small nie-deki gunome midare mixed with choji midare, forming a hamon called "crab claw," extending to the shinogi, with a midare-komi boshi.

Features: This sword has been properly cared and retains its thickness. The inscription on the Nakago is clear and there is only one peg hole. It is a valuable sword that retains well the appearance of the time of its creation.

60th NBTHK Juyo Token
Aoi Art estimation paper
Whole Oshigata


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