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Tsuruta’s Blog (June 2024)

Everyone, how are you doing?
The Japanese yen is weakening. However, it seems that paintings, watches, Japanese swords, and the like are selling for high prices. A Kiyomaro Japanese sword was auctioned at the market and sold for 63 million yen. This sword was well-made and I wanted it, but unfortunately, it was difficult to purchase. Nowadays, many people are buying high-priced items such as paintings, watches, cars, jewelry, and clothes, and luxury goods are selling like crazy.

The rapid depreciation of the yen has led to a world where the money we hold is losing value. People might be starting to feel uneasy about holding onto money.
Today, I saw newspaper ads, and every property listed was over 100 million yen, with the highest being 1 billion yen, which took my breath away. This high inflation is affecting not just luxury items but also groceries, train fares, and many other prices.

In the future, if this inflation continues to its peak and then prices drop, we might face unemployment as we did in the past. Young people are currently taking breaks and enjoying themselves due to labor shortages, but a harsh era like the one we experienced might return. Young people need to undergo tough experiences and find joy within them. They must endure hard work, sweat, and learn from the hardships they face.

In my younger days, work was tough. We had one day off a week and one week of vacation per year. Besides that, there were no overtime allowances. However, this was the standard for most companies. Young people might think I’m crazy, but thanks to this, I still put in the effort to not lose to anyone in any tough job.

What I want to say is not just "keep going, keep going," but to work efficiently. I want you to value your time.
Japan might face major tough trials in the future. Relations with the US might become more difficult. We can't rule out the possibility of conflicts that hint at war between China, Taiwan, South Korea, North Korea, and Russia.

Japan no longer has people who win Nobel Prizes. There are fewer people who strive to be the best in any company. Even if they keep losing, those who try their hardest and keep pushing forward are essential. However, without companies that support such people, good companies will never grow.

Government agencies also employ people based on exams. The problem is that their performance is determined at the time of entry until retirement. There is no way for someone to rise from the bottom to the top. However, there are exceptionally talented individuals among the staff. Moreover, those who have failed know what failure is, so if they rise to higher positions, they will be able to demonstrate their abilities effectively.

I was surprised to see that high-ranking officials in the tax office, police, and other government agencies have incredibly large offices. I have seen them glaring at their subordinates and issuing strict orders.

The average wage in Japan is $38,514, while in South Korea it is $41,960. There are various ways to measure it, but if we look at average wages alone, Japan is behind South Korea. If this gap continues to widen, Japan will need to make changes.

In various meetings, there are mostly men, and hardly any women are active. The upcoming Tokyo governor election is taking place. I hope this will be an opportunity for more women to be active.

Recently, I spoke with someone about Nissan. The company almost went bankrupt, but Carlos Ghosn came and revitalized it, bringing it back to success. It is said that the management style was completely different from that in Japan. By bringing in motivated individuals and letting go of those deemed unfit, he eliminated waste and revived the company. Although there were issues with him later on, the company has now successfully turned around as an automobile manufacturer. Unless Japan brings in capable individuals and makes bold reforms quickly, it will be difficult to develop such people.

Many talented individuals work overseas, while those who are not very welcome in other countries come here. Talented individuals are sought after in every country, and their salaries are surprisingly high. Japanese companies also hire such individuals overseas.

I am currently writing a book about Captain Kinashi. Since it is a true story, I think it will be interesting. I hope to deliver it to you soon. Unfortunately, it will be for sale. All proceeds will be donated, so I appreciate your support.

Everyone, take care.
Grandfathers and grandmothers, please stay healthy and live in harmony. Couples, enjoy meals together and relax in hot springs. Encourage your children to find interests and enjoy a modest lifestyle. They will surely become good children. A modest lifestyle is different from a luxurious one.

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