Tachi: Aki Koku Mikami Sadanao Tsukuru Kore

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Tachi in Shirasaya

Inscription: Aki Koku Mikami Sadanao Tsukuru Kore(Mukansa Swordsmith) 安芸国三上貞直作之
Heisei 2 nenn Aki Kichijitsu 平成二年秋吉祥日
translation: made on a good day in autumn of Heisei 2 (1989).

Habaki: Double-layered gold habaki
Blade Length: 97.4 cm (38.4in)
Curvature: 3.2 cm (1.3in)
Mekugi: 1
Motohaba (width at base): 3.7 cm (1.5in)
Sakihaba (width at tip): 2.8 cm (1.1in)
Thickness: 0.9 cm (0.3in)
Weight of sword: 1285 grams

Shape: The long and thick blade with deep curve. Bo-hi is on the both sides. There is about 7cm ububa. This is the sword imitating Kanemitsu, which was designated as an Important Cultural Property in Japan.
Jigane: beautiful dense koitamehada
Hamon: Gunome-midare and Notare are mixed with small ashi with deep nioikuchi.

Features: Mikami Sadanao learned from Gassan Sadakazu, won many awards, and became Mukansa swordsmith. This sword is the imitation sword of Bizen Koku Osafune Kanemitsu. Kanemitsu is the representative swordsmith of Nanbokucho period and made big Tachi that was popular in the mid-Kamakura period.

From Aoi-Art: It is difficult to make a long sword without any defect. This sword is of very high quality and shows the skill of Mukansa swordsmith. The polishing is also very good. We strongly recommend it.
A copy of the document is attached below. You can see the materials of important cultural properties of Kanemitsu Katana.

Aoi-Art paper with whole oshigata.

Price: 2,550,000 JPY-.

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