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Perfume Bottle Set: Émile Gallé

Ordering number:F10307

Perfume Bottle Set:
Signature: Gallé

Height: 25 cm (9.84 in) (Glass part height 16 cm / 6.30 in) x Base diameter 4.7 cm (1.85 in)
Weight: 462 grams

Height: 18 cm (7.09 in) (Glass part height 11 cm / 4.33 in) x Base diameter 3.3 cm (1.30 in)
Weight: 245 grams

Box dimensions: 24.5 cm x 24.5 cm x Depth 11.5 cm (9.65 in x 9.65 in x 4.53 in)
Total weight (before packaging): 1240 grams

Special feature:  Émile Gallé was born in 1846, and he was one of the major forces in
the French Art Nouveau movement.
He was born in 1846.
He studied design in Germany from 1865 to 1867.
He studied glass-working in Burgun, Schwerer & Cie from 1866 to 1867.
He got many prizes at the Paris Exhibition of 1878 and 1889 and 1900.
In 1898, he was issued a patent for the marqueterie technique and patine material.
In 1904, he passed away when he was 58 years old.

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Price:350,000 JPY-.

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