Appraisal Quiz #789

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 SOite Sesshu Ikutama Gassan Sadakazu Kitae Kore
Ganji Kinoe-Ne Nen 5 Gatsu Hi

Features: This Gassan Sadakazu is a rare work with the signature “Oite Settsu Ikutama Gassan Sadakazu Kitae Kore,” and has a cutting length of approximately 77 cm, and also features correct workmanship with an engraving of a dragon, making it a magnificent work. The engraving on the back is also splendid, featuring a spear and Bonji, as well as both Soe-Hi and Bo-Hi grooves, making it an exceptional piece. The first generation Gassan Sadakazu, a swordsmith from Settsu, was born in February 1836 in Goshu Sugoe village and became the adopted son of Gassan Sadayoshi at the age of seven. He began his training around the age of eleven and is said to have mastered the Ayasugi Hada by his twenties. After the Sword Abolition Edict in Meiji 9, he continued making swords and in Meiji 26, he submitted a sword to the Chicago World’s Fair and won an award, and the following year, his work was purchased by Emperor Meiji. In April Meiji 39 (1906), he was appointed as an Imperial Household Artist. He was also famous as a master carver and died on July 11, Taisho 7 (1918) at the age of 84. His works can be seen from the age of 15 in Kaei 3 (1850) until the year he died, Taisho 7 (1918). The term “Shisen Yotetsu” cut on the nakago refers to the Tamahagane steel presented to Emperor Taisho.

Appraisal Quiz #789 (April 6th, 2024)
Who made this sword do you think ?


Blade Length: 75.8 cm (29.84 in)
Curvature: 3.1 cm (1.22 in)
Mekugi Hole: 1
Width at Base: 3.09 cm (1.22 in)
Width at the Tip: 2.14 cm (0.84 in)
Thickness of Rim: 0.71 cm (0.28 in)
Shape: The blade has a wide body, thick rim, and deep curvature with an elongated Kissaki. It’s a fine work with a beautiful shape.
Jigane: The jigane has a well-tempered itame hada with a rough texture.
Hamon: The hamon is a turbulent notare with nie, featuring sunagashi and kinsuji. The boshi is slightly long, drooping, and roundly burnt down.


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