Appraisal Quiz #768

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  Signature : Sanetsugu

Special Features: This work was written by Hon’ami Koson.
There is a two-character inscription “Sanetsugu”on the front.
This is a highly acclaimed work with Daikinsu 350 Mai.
Aoe Sanetsugu sword is truly magnificent.
From the signature style we can feel that it is a little older. In particular, Aoe often engraved the signature on the front, so we feel that the style is old.

Appraisal Quiz #768 (November 11th, 2023)
Who made this sword do you think ?


Blade Length: 8 sun 1 bu 5 rin (approximately 24.7 cm)
Peg Holes: 2
Motohaba (Width at Base): 2.28 cm
Kasane (Thickness): 0.54 cm
Total Sword Weight: 130 grams

Shape: It has a solid and well-constructed shape with a plain front and a Hiramaki (flat) back.
The back features a sesame seed rim and a lotus pedestal. It has a nakago (tang) , and the omote side has a bold and clear inscription.
Jihada (Grain): The hada pattern consists of itame (wood grain) mixed with mokume
hada (burl pattern), with well-forged and prominent hadajiri (steel pattern). The jigane
(ground steel) displays a well-defined and attractive jigane hada pattern.
Hamon (Temper Line): It features a narrow straight temper line with small nie (martensite crystals) visible throughout.
The boshi (temper pattern at the point) appears as a yakitsume (notch).
Hataraki (Activity): Near the monouchi (blade edge) area, you can observe gold lines known as “Oyaji no hige”(an oldman ’s mauthtache) appearing on both the hamon and
the ji. These Kinsuji resemble mustaches and are typically seen within the hamon, but in
this case, they are clearly visible within the jigane as well.


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