Appraisal Quiz #764

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  Signature : Mumei (Katayama Ichimonji)
(Gold inlay) Tsuda Kami

Special Features: We call the swordsmith clan “Katayama Ichimonji” because Norifusa from Fukuoka Ichimonji school moved to Katayama. Katayama is said to have been in Bizen or Bicchu artist, but it is not clear. Norifusa’s works have several deffrent styles of inscription, and its styles varies widely, so it is said that there were not only one Norifusa but several generations.
Their characteristics are strong and bright Jigane and smaller Chojimidare with small particles of Ashi in Ha.

Appraisal Quiz #764 (October 14th, 2023)
Who made this sword do you think ?


Blade Length : 69.6 cm / 27.4 inches
Curvature : 1.7 cm / 0.67 inches
Peg Holes: 3
Width at the Base : 2.69 cm / 1.06 inches
Width at the Tip : 1.86 cm / 0.73 inches
Thickness: 0.55 cm / 0.22 inches
Weight: 615 grams
Shape: Regular width and thickness Katana.
There are Bo-Hi on both side of the balde.
Jigane: The blade displays a clear and soft wood grain pattern.
Hamon Pattern : The hamon pattern exhibits small irregularities, chōji patterns, and
scattered gunome patterns. Boshi is Sansaku style.


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