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Appraisal Quiz #752

Previous answer is
  Signature: Mumei(Kashu Iehira) Hozon
Signature: Mumei(Jiro Taro Naokatsu) Tokubetsu Kicho

Special feature: Kasu Iehira was a child of Ietada Kibei, who died in Tenwa 3. Kashu Iehira was a Kaga swordsmith and continued for three generations.

Appraisal Quiz #752 (July 22nd, 2023)
Who made this sword do you think ?


Blade Length: 2 shaku 2 sun 4 bu (67.9 centimeters) or 26.73 inches
Curvature: 3 bu 5 rin (1.06 centimeters) or 0.42 inches
Mekugi-ana (peg holes): 2
Width at the Base: 2.81 centimeters or 1.11 inches
Width at the Tip: 1.92 centimeters or 0.76 inches
Thickness: 0.71 centimeters or 0.28 inches
Weight: 730 grams
Shape: regular width and thickness blade, moderately shallow sori (curvature), and a slightly elongated kissaki (tip).
Jigane (forging pattern): A well-forged and fine-grained jigane with a visible Utsuri.
Hamon (temper pattern): Boshi (temper at the tip) is visible with a straight temper line (niedeki)
and well-defined nie (small dots of martensite). The ha (edge) shows prominent nijūba (double temper lines).


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