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Appraisal Quiz #751

Previous answer is
  (inlaid inscription) Motoshige(judged as Osafune)
(inlaid inscription) Kobayashi

Special Features: Motoshige is a swordsmith from the late Kamakura period. He is an elder brother of Shigezane and was named as Okuranojo. Originally, it was a mainstream theory to distinguish Motoshige to 2 swordsmiths: the fisrt one as “Ko(old)-Motoshige, and the second one as “Motoshige” from Sadamune 3 Tetsu. Now it is persuasive to think these two persons are the same person and Ko-Motoshige is his early years and Motoshige as his later years. Since his productions are seen from the Kagen era to the Enbun/Joji era in the Nambokucho period, it seems that he had lived a very long life. There are so many Oshigata left so he is very helpful for studying. Jigane is dense and Utsuri is obvious. Hamon is mainly Suguha with lots of Koashi. It is a masterpiece. It is mysterious that this blade has two inlaid inscriptions. We unreservedly recommend this great work.

Appraisal Quiz #751 (July 15th, 2023)
Who made this sword do you think ?


Blade length: 68.8cm 27.09 inches
Warp: 3.1 cm 1.22 inches
2 holes for nails
Width at the base: 2.89 cm, 1.14 inches
Tip width: 1.88 cm 0.74 inches
Overlap: 0.65 cm 0.256 inches
Weight: 615 grams
The sword has regular Sori and a slightly long kirisaki (tip).
Jitetsu: Ko-itame (small itame) skin, well kneaded and almost plain.
Blade pattern: Niedeki Gunome Midare Sakasa Cho-ji can be seen well, Ashi well as Bo-shi is rounded back.


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