Appraisal Quiz #698

Previous answer is
 Mumei(judged as Den Rai Kunimitsu)
無銘(伝 来国光)

Special feature: Rai Kunimitsu is said to be the son of Rai Kunitoshi, and made swords actively
in the late Kamakura period. Kunimitsu was a really skilled swordsmith
because he could use many forging techniques like Suguhadeki, Suguha
with Ko-Gunomemidare, and Ko-Chojimidare.

Appraisal Quiz #698 (July 2nd, 2022)
Who made this sword do you think ?


Blade length : 26.2cm or 10.31inches.
Sori :0.1 cm or 0.03inches.
Mekugi :2
Width at the hamachi : 2.59cm or 1.01inches.
Kasane :0.47 cm or 0.18inches.
The weight of the sword:150 grams
Shape : The blade is broad, Sunnobi shape. It looks very powerful.
Jigane : Itame is mixed with Mokume with lots of thick Jinie. It flows partially and becomes rough with Chikei. Blackish Jigane.
Hamon : Ko-Notare is mixed with Gunome with lots of Nie, partially becomes rough with strong Nie. There is Hotsure. Kinsuji and Sunagashi come in.


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