Appraisal Quiz #682

Previous answer is
  Mumei (Shizu)

Special Feature: This work by Shizu looks really aggressive, and it looks like
works of Masamune. It has some flaw, and if it can be repaired, it will
pass Jumyo shinsa. In Shinogi, there are two Hi, and these are
marvelously engraved. In my opinion, this bright Hamon is quite
similar to O-Shizu, and Kinsuji in Hachu is incredible. This long Kinsuji
is really rare to see and it doesn’t bore anybody.

Appraisal Quiz #682 (March 12th, 2022)
Who made this sword do you think ?


Blade length:70.45m or 27.72ches.
Sori: 1.06cm or 0.417nch.
Width at the hamachi: 3.02 cm or 1.19 nches.
Width at the sakihaba: 2.16cm or 0.85 nches.
Thickness at the hamachi:0.74cm or 0.29inches.
Shape:Both sides of the blade has Bohi and Oosuriage and also longer Kissaki.
Jigane:Itame hada(wood brock pappern) well grained with much Jinie attach and a lof of Chikei appear.
Hamon:Niedeki Gunome midare and Choji midare hamon mixed with much activity.
In Hamon. there are long nice Kinsuji appear and Yo and Ashi.


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