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Appraisal Quiz #524

Previous answer is
Mumei(Unsigned)(Aoe school)

Special feature : The Aoe School had been prospered at the lower reaches of the Takanashi river in Bichu province.
The works before middle Kamakura period is called “Ko-Aoe”.
This blade has massive and healthy shape. And this blade has Homare-kizu on Shinogi.

Appraisal Quiz #524 (February 2nd, 2019)
Who made this sword do you think ?


Hints. ※The picture will be enlarged

Blade length : 55.14 cm or 21.70 inches.
Sori : 0.76cm or 0.299 inches.
Mekugi : 1
Width at the hamachi : 2.94 cm or 1.15 inches.
Width at the Kissaki : 2.37 cm or 0.93 inches.
Kasane : 0.66 cm or 0.25 inches.
Shape : Regular width and thickness with small Sori.
Osuriage Mumei Wakizashi. There are double-Hi on both side of the blade.
Jitetsu :Itame hada well grained with much Jinie attach and Chikei appear and strong Jigane.
Hamon : Nie deki, Gunime midare hamon and Notare midare hamon mix.
In Ha, there are many Sunagashi and Kinsuji work.


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