Appraisal Quiz : #429

The answer was
Sassyu-ju Masayoshi. Ou Higo Daijo Ootuki Kiyofusa Ju Zo No

Special Feauture :
Sassyu Jyu Masayoshi was born Kyoho 18th(1733) and succeeded his father Ichiji Masayoshi the 2nd accordingly named himself Masayoshi. He engraved the signature Sasyu Jyu Masayoshi, Satsuma Kanko Taira Masayoshi, Hoki Kami Ason Masayuki. He made many swords for Satsuma daimyo family and got the title of Hoki Kami at Kansei first year December 1st. After thathis eldest son succeeded the name of Masayoshi. The hamon is Notare and suguha with very thick nioikuchi with fat ashi wild feeling hamon. At a glance, the blade looks Sosyu upper class like Go style. At Satsuma province, Masayoshi and Motohira are reformed to as the twin jewels of the sword society in Kyusyu. There’s the signature Higo Daijyo Ootuki Kiyofusa on the tang. Probably this must be a swordsmith at that period.Accoding to the book, Higo Daijyo Ootuki Kiyofusa is mentioned as Satsuma swordsmith. so I think his 2nd Kiyohusa might ordered this sword. The blade ia powerful active typical satuma blade. Even though small suriage nakago, we recommend this sword for you.

Appraisal Quiz #429 (March 4th, 2017)
Who made this sword do you think ?


Hints. ※The picture will be enlarged

1 : The blade is rather wide and thick with deep sori and longer kissaki nice looking shape Keicho style.
2 : Koitame hada well grained with jinie attach and chikei work beautiful nice texture.
3 : The middle suguha shallow notare and middle part is Kuichigai hamon and small gunome with ashi and yo,sunagashi and Kinsuji work.


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