Appraisal Quiz : #311

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Chikuzen koku Fukuoka ju Koretsugu

Special feature : Koretsugu was the most skillful and famous swordsmith in Fukuoka Sekido school, as well as Moritsugu.
He was born as a son of Toshihide、the descendant of Bizen Ichimonji school in 1609.
He was called Hanbe, or Ippei.
He moved to Edo in 1655, and he started to study under Sekido Korekazu.
3 years after, he returned to Chikuzen, and he became a hired swordsmith of Kuroda clan.
He passed away March 3rd in 1681 when he was 53 years old.
He made excellent Choji-midare that looks like Fukuoka-Ichimonji.
This katana jigane is well forged and the hamon is gorgeous yet rustic chojimidare ofKorekazu.
I think It is the most gorgeous hamon. The kissaki hamon is Mitsuhira and Korekazu.
It is similar of Ichimonji. This piece reminds of Fukuoka Ichimonji.

Appraisal Quiz #311 (October 3rd, 2014)
Who made this sword do you think ?


Hints. ※The picture will be enlarged

Blade length : 76.6 cm or 30.15 inches.
Sori : 1.1 cm or 0.43 inches.
Mekugi: 1
Width at the hamachi : 3.26cm or 1.28 inches.
Width at the Kissaki : 2.24 cm or 0.88 inches.
Kasane : 0.77 cm or 0.30 inches.
Shape : Wide and thick, shallow Sori, gorgeous blade.Shinogi Tsukuri. Iorimune.
Jitetsu : Ko-Itame Hada well grained with Jinie attached. bright Ha.
Hamon : Notare base, Ko-Midare mixed. Deep Nioikuchi, many Sunagashi.
Boshi is small round shape. Nakago is Ubu.


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