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About shipping fees& insurances

Thank you so much for giving us your patronage.
Some of you have already experienced that we have charged you an extra shipping fee to ship the parcels.
That was the effect of the suspension of all EMS shipments to European countries.
And now, other couriers like FedEx and UPS have raised their fees so we cannot afford shipping fees anymore.
Please note that it is very probable that we ask you for an additional charge to ship items, depending on the countries you live.
We will let you know whether you have to pay the additional fees when you order any items.
Make sure that you write your shipping address including your country name when you make an order.
If not, we cannot calculate the shipping fees.
We apologize for what we have decided but we have to get profits to keep our business.
We truly hope you all understand.

About the insurance of the delivery

Thank you always, loyal customers.
Today we want to inform you the conditions of “insurance” for the parcels.
This is very important and please read this carefully.

First of all, the limit amounts which will be covered by the insurance are…
-EMS 2,000,000JPY
-FedEx 1,000USD
-UPS 50,000USD
Please note that the limit amount differs significantly depending on the shipping method we will use, in other words, depending on where you live and what you buy.

Secondly, we want to make clear how to claim the damage.
Most importantly, the claim against damage has to be made at the time of delivery. Please be present at the time of delivery and please confirm the contents first. If you don’t, it will be very difficult to get the cover for the damage even if we open a claim from Japan.

Finally, about the lost cases.
If the item is lost after the parcel goes through the customs, it is simple. We open a claim and after the research, the full amount which is covered by insurance will be paid.
If the item is lost in the customs, it will be a little bit complicated. They have too many parcels in the customs, the situation is always chaotic there and they have no precise control over each parcel. So they will definitely answer “the item is not in the customs” even though we make a claim. There are rules for the lost cases inside the customs, depending on the countries. You have to check the rule, and we will open a claim at the same time from Japan. In the rule, they fix the term for research. After the certain term, they will finally search for the parcels. The customs will answer about the rules when you make an inquiry.

We have already added this to our Terms and Conditions on Purchase at Aoi-Art Online Shop, please note that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions when you purchase our items.