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Terms and Conditions on Purchase at Aoi-Art Online Shop

Terms and Conditions on Purchase at Aoi-Art Online Shop

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully when you make any orders at our shop.
These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion. We will notify you of amendments to these Terms and Conditions by posting to this website. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, please do not make any orders at our shop.

1.After we confirm your order, we will set the item as hold. All items in our website (except for Auction sale items) are also placed in our store in Tokyo. Once the item is sold out it will no longer be in stock. When you give us your order, please give us time to confirm stock in our inventory. Whoever comes first will be served first. If one week has passed with no payment, hold will be removed without notice and the item will be back for sale.
Please do not transfer the money before our confirmation are done. We could not refund all the amounts because of the bank charge and the exchange rate of a currency changes daily.

2.Most items in our shop are antique. This means items are not new so please check the condition carefully from pictures and descriptions in our website. Please purchase the item on your consent.

3.Auction sale items are only available online. We could not sell or hold item for anyone before auction finish.

4.We only accept Japanese Yen (JPY) for the payment. Please convert quoted prices to JPY upon checkout. If you checkout in any other currency directly, we can’t receive your payment in correct amount.

5.Bank transfer fee and 3% PayPal charging fee are not included in the price. Please burden at your expense. In case of refunds via Paypal, please burden the 3% charging fee at your expense.
We will refund the money after we subtract the commission fee from the total amount from our account, so please do not request a refund from your Paypal account.

6. For shipping swords, Hinawa-Ju and any items with the total price over ¥200,000- to overseas, we must get export license, which will take about 4 weeks after application. Some delay would happen around holiday seasons. In case if the blade had any mismatch to Japanese registration card, we have to submit for re-registration and takes about 3 months in total to make it possible to export.

7.Parcel will be transported by EMS or the other courier. Courier to be chosen depends on the country and the city to be shipped. Please note that we can charge you any additional shipping fee, depending on the shipping address or the items we send. We will notify you the tracking number when we finish the shipment. Delivery dates and time cannot be specified.

8.Please note that we cannot ship swords to certain countries.

For the shipping via FedEx and UPS, we have to charge you for additional shipping fees.
It will be around 30,000JPY~60,000JPY when we send swords.
We will calculate the shipping fees and let you know, so please make an inquiry.

9.Duties and taxes are not included in our price. Please contact to the Customs in your country about importing Japanese swords, other antiques and works of art. We could not responsible for any matter such like delay on delivery, dispatch error or confiscate caused by courier or Customs in each country. In that case please contact to the courier or Customs by your self. We do not have every informations about how Japanese swords are administrated at foreign countries.If the item got returned to Japan by any reason, please burden the fee for shipping and registration in Japan by your expense. Re-registration is necessary for making export license apply again.
For shipping Japanese swords, Administrative Guidance directed for the parcel / Invoice must be declared with appropriate item names and correct amount (sample of shipping invoice). We could not be responsible for any operations out from our regulations. In case if return happen by any reason (cancelation, delivery trouble, etc…), item name and amount, and also the items contained in the parcel must be exactly same as when those were exported from Japan or return could be rejected. The item would be confiscated by Japan Customs with some penalties.

10-1. If purchaser want to cancel and return, announce for cancellation must be done in 3 days after item has arrived. Item have to be shipped in 7 days from announce of cancellation. Shipping charge and insurance for returning are purchaser’s expense and we would not be held liable for lost, theft or damage happen before returning. In case if the item was damaged, altered, or replaced, cancellation will be rejected. We refund after the item returned back safely.

--- the limit amounts which will be covered by the insurance are…
-EMS 2,000,000JPY
-FedEx 1,000USD
-UPS 50,000USD
--- The claim against damage has to be made at the time of delivery. Please be present at the time of delivery and please confirm the contents first. If you don’t, it will be very difficult to get the cover for the damage even if we open a claim from Japan. The cover price will be different depending on the situation of the damage.
--- If the item is lost after the parcel goes through the customs, we open a claim and after the research, the full amount which is covered by insurance will be paid. If the item is lost in the customs, you have to check the rule, and we will open a claim at the same time from Japan. In that rule, they fix the term for research. After the certain term, they will finally search for the parcels.

10-2.We do not accept cancellation for the items indicated as ‘consignment sale’ because the payment has been already done to exhibitor (consignor). Please be carefully when you purchase any consignment sale item. Most precious items such like ‘Juyo’ master pieces are exhibited from collectors with their cooperation.

10-3. We do not accept cancellation for any items ordered for optional restoration (polish) or any crafting such like Shirasaya, because each crafting are made to fit only to the blade and we also have to pay craftsmen for their work.

10-4 We do not accept cancellation for the items you have visited to our shop in Tokyo directly and confirmed condition of the item by your self.

10-5 We do not accept cancelation for auction items.