White silk bag for sword (Sorry out of stock)

For katana
Length:120cm or 47.24inches. Width: 8.5cm or 3.35inches.
Price: 2,000Yen (Excluding shipping)SOLD OUT

For wakizashi
Length:100cm or 39.37inches. Width: 9cm or 3.54inches.
Price: 1,800Yen (Excluding shipping)

For tanto
Length: 62cm or 24.41inches. Width: 8.5cm or 3.35inches.
Price: 1,500Yen (Excluding shipping)SOLD OUT

1. The price is excluding shipping.
2. Please entrusted the color/pattern to us. There is a color with the solid color and the handle.
There might not be same color as the photograph commodity. We would like to choose the one near hope.
3. According to the property of material, the measurements has slight tolerance.

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