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Yoroi and Kabuto : Tetsu 20 Kan Nihoushiro Hoshisuji Kabuto

Ordering number : F16213 (Consignment sale)
Yoroi and Kabuto : Tetsu 20 Kan Nihoushiro Hoshisuji Kabuto
Period : Edo Period

Kabuto : Tetsu 20 Kan Nihoushiro Hoshisuji Kabuto
Iron 20 plates, a line 9 big star.
At front 3 line and back 2 line are decorate with Suaka plate, and cloud are engraved.
This Kabuto has a large Tenpen-ana and the beautiful Hachibanza is made from Suaka.
This is a luxurious and powerful Hoshisuji Kabuto.
Menpo : Iron plate, Suga is 3 iron plates.
Do : Iron 5 plates, at front "Acala" is engraved.
The Ichou losed of one side, Kanagu of this Do are Suaka plate, Agemakitsukinokan is made of brass.
Covered with leather on the back of Do.
Kusazuri : Gold color 5 Dan 7 Kan Kitsuke-kozane, back part has Rebar.
Haidate : Gold color 5 Dan Kitsuke-kozane, the jidai is old and there is some cracked parts.
Suneate : Tetsu Sabi color Urushi-nuri Shino Suneate.
Sode : Gold color 7 Dan Hon-kozane, back part has Rebar.
This Sode is leather product.
Kote : Iron plate and Shino with silver Nunome-zougan.
Yoroibitsu : A wood box with Suaka Kanagu.

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With Yoroi box

Price: 2,650,000 JPY-.

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