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Tsuruta’s Blog (March 2024)

Hello, everyone. How are you? The end of February was quite chilly, with a mix of snow making it bitterly cold. Interestingly, the February 26 Incident also occurred on a day marked by cold weather and falling snow. Even now, many people in the Tohoku region and the Noto Peninsula are living under difficult conditions, and I hope that their living situation improves soon. I believe we will soon hear news of the cherry blossoms. The gradual shift to warmer weather should hopefully brighten everyone's spirits. Please bear with it a little longer, and may we swiftly build buildings where people can rest.

However, from March, the warmth of spring will increase rapidly, and the cherry blossoms will soon be in full bloom. This year, we might be facing a hot summer.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with Russia seemingly having the upper hand, and the stagnation of aid from the United States to Ukraine, are due to the prolonged nature of the war. It might become difficult for the US to continue providing substantial financial aid, especially if Trump becomes president again, as he is expected to take a much tougher stance. On the other hand, within NATO, there is considerable opposition to the Russia-Ukraine war, and we will need to carefully observe how this conflict unfolds. The war between Israel and Gaza is complex, intertwined with the Palestinian issue, making it impossible to say it will end soon. It's conceivable that Iran and Turkey might also erupt into conflict at some point.

Recently, a worker at a restaurant was arrested for capturing and posting unsanitary aspects of the eatery on social media, leading to the restaurant's closure. What deeply disappoints me is the lack of gratitude these young people have towards their jobs. They receive a salary and are able to live because they work there. It's disheartening to see young people who do nothing but complain instead of doing what they should be doing at their workplace. If it's not clean, they should take the initiative to clean it themselves. If the working environment is not feasible, they should speak to the owner and take the lead in making the kitchen clean. There seems to be no appreciation for the salary received from the company. The act of posting on social media as if to uphold justice has led to the closure of the restaurant. Similar actions in the past have also resulted in businesses shutting down. Why are there so many foolish people in Japan? It seems to stem from a complete lack of gratitude for being able to work and receive a salary.

Small companies must work desperately hard. Hiring people is a struggle involving rent, salaries, and purchasing goods, all while maintaining health and working harder than most to stay in business. If you can work at these places, please do so with the intention of giving back and dedicate yourself to your work. Working more than others and with a smile can make your job enjoyable. If you don't like the company you work for, you should resign and maybe start your own business. Running a business is challenging, and you must consider the well-being of those who work for you and manage your own health and the company's break-even point. Always responding to customers with a smile is essential for success. Only by working in such a manner can one become a person who contributes positively to the workplace. Complaining and slandering a business on social media is a cowardly act that has led to the tragic closure of businesses and forced others to quit their jobs.

Please, if you decide to work somewhere, strive to perform well enough to be praised by your employer.

Japan's population is decreasing, and while foreigners come to Japan, few settle here, exacerbating the labor shortage. I went to the hospital recently and saw many elderly people waiting. I, too, am old and found myself falling asleep while sitting. It's said that growing older makes one sleepier, which seems to be inevitable.

Recently, due to the weak yen, more foreigners have been coming to Japan to purchase high-priced items, including Japanese swords. Foreigners tend to store expensive items carefully, so it's important they receive thorough explanations and preserve them properly in their countries. Both Japanese and foreign customers purchasing from our company leave with smiles on their faces. We pray for their happiness and that they will cherish their purchases for many years. Recently, a customer who had purchased a sword over three years ago sold it back to us and bought a more expensive item because the sword was well-preserved and rust-free; we purchased it for 70% of the original selling price. It was a nostalgic moment for me as I took care of it. The customer left happily with their new acquisition.

I wish you all well.
To all grandfathers and grandmothers, please stay healthy every day.
To all fathers and mothers, take a leisurely walk in the nearby park from time to time. It's the season when you might see warblers and Japanese white-eyes, and the fragrance of Daphne odora signals the arrival of spring. Daphne odora blooms from February to March and heralds spring with its wandering fragrance.
Are your children doing well? Please raise them to be stern yet kind, lively, and modest. While education is important, explaining why they are studying is equally important.

From the Japan Better Politics Association,
Chairman Kazunari Tsuruta