Tsuba:Mumei(unsigned)Kaga-kinko(NBTHK Hozon Tosogu)

Ordering Number: F24009

Tsuba:Kakko Sukashi(NBTHK Hozon Tosogu)

Inscription: Mumei(unsigned) Kaga-kinko

Dimensions:6.91 cm x 6.64 cm (2.72 in x 2.61 in).
Thickness of rim: 0.41 cm (0.16 in).

Era: the Edo period
Features: Round shakudo plate tsuba, Tsuzumi or a Japanese hand drum is engraved and inlayed with gold inlay.
This piece is most likely a piece from Kaga Kinko School.
Please enjoy viewing the skillful work and layout of the tsuba.

In Kiri box
Aoi Art estimation paper
NBTHK Hozon Tosogu paper


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