Kozuka: Mumei(unsigned)

Ordering number: AF23182

Mei (signature): Mumei(unsigned)

Dimension: 9.6cm x 1.4cm x 0.4cm(3.8inches x 0.6inches x 0.2inches)
Jidai(era): late Edo period
Features: Shakudo plate, a tree, a bridge and Samurai wielding swords on horseback are carved and nlaid with gold, silver, and copper. Most of the plate is engraved with river ripples and the edges
is Shakudo Nanako. The subject of this work is the battle of Uji from The Tale of the Heike, The Samurai depicted is Sasaki Shiro Takatsuna. This work is thought to be made by Kaga Goto,加賀後藤. Kaga Goto is a family of goldsmiths in Kanazawa, whichi works are gorgeous and use a lot of gold and silver.

In Kiri Box
Aoi Art estimation paper

Auction starting Price: 65,000 JPY-.

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