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Appraisal Quiz:#453

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Mumei (Ko Bizen Kuni Motochika)

This sword passed NBTHK Jyuyo token at 61st and displayed on the museum and next year's shinsa, the blade
upgraded NBTHK Tokubetsu Jyuyo token.
Kobizen school is called the blade was made at Late Heian period to early kamakura period. Generally style is deep sori with hunbari and utsubuse style on the upper part of the blade.
Motochika is 2 types of the hamon, one is a stream of Ffukuoka Ichimonji active cyoji midare and other is Kobizen style old feeling wonderful taste.
This sword is typical Kobizen style delicacy tasteful sword.

Appraisal Quiz #453 (August 26th, 2017)
Who made this sword do you think ?


Hints. ※The picture will be enlarged

Blade length : 75.4 cm or 29.68 inches.
Sori : 1.9 cm or 0.74 inches.
Mekugi :  1
Width at the hamachi : 3.45 cm or 1.35 inches.
Width at the Kissaki : 2.52 cm or 0.99 inches.
Kasane : 0.75 cm or 0.29 inches.
Shape : Wide and thick blade. The Kissaki is long. Nice shape Katana.
Jigane : Ko-Itame Hada well grained with Jinie attach.
There are Chikei. The Jigane is clear.
Hamon : Ko-Nie Deki, Gunome Midare with thick Nioikuchi. And Doran-Ba.
On the Ji, there are Tama(ball). In Ha, there are Ashi and Sunagashi.
Boshi is round shape with thick Kioikuchi.

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