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Appraisal Quiz #736

Previous answer is
  Musashi Ju Kuniie Saku(Mukansa Swordsmith)
Heisei 13 Nen Shinshun Tame Matsumiya Ke Judai
平成十三年新春 為松宮家重代

Special feature: Musashi Ju Kuniie learnt sword-making from Musashi Ju Kuniie from the period before the WW2, and he was a quite skillful swordsmith. He won series of prizes at Shinsaku Meito exhibition.(2 Effort Prizes, Fighting Spirit Prize, Mainichi Shinbun Inc. Prize, Director General of Agency for Cultural Affairs Prize, and Kanzan Prize) He made many swords as a Mukansa swordstmith and is designated as the Intangible Cultural Assets in Tokyo prefecture. He won the prizes eleven times in a row, and succeeded to the 3rd Kuniie. In Heisei 7, he was installed as an executive director of Zen-nihon Toshokai. He made swords in overseas, and became famous. He played a swordsmith in a movie “The Last Samurai”. He is now the vice president of Nihon Toshokai. He plays an important role in Nihonto world with his elder brother, Yoshihara Yoshindo.

Appraisal Quiz #736 (April 1st, 2023)
Who made this sword do you think ?


Blade length:70.6cm or 27.79inches.
Sori:1.8cm or 0.70inches.
Width at the hamachi:2.97cm or 1.16inches.
Width at the Kissaki:2.28cm or 0.89inches.
Kasane:0.62cm or 0.24inches.
The weight of the sword:700grams
Shape: Regular width and thickness with large Sori.
Jigane: Koitame is dense. Beautiful Jigane.
Hamon: Niedeki Gunomemidare with lots of Ashi.
Hamon is bright and becomes extreme
from near Monouchi. Sunagashi and Kinsuji work in Ha.
Boshi is Midarekomi like flames with Kinsuji.


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