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Appraisal Quiz #676

Previous answer is
  Mumei (Rai Kunitoshi)

Special Feature: Among Koto, ones with Shinogiji can give us more
information of Jigane. In this work, Jigane is the same as the one on
the surface of Shinogiji, that’s why we can identify this work as
“made in the Kamakura period.” Jigane is beautiful, Hamon is clean,
and it still keeps itself as Wazori: we can see how old it is. Rai
Kunitoshi is said to be a son of Rai Kuniyuki.

Appraisal Quiz #676 (January 29th, 2022)
Who made this sword do you think ?


Blade length: 70.8 cm or 27.87 inches.
Sori:2.2 cm or 0.86 inches.
Mekugi: 1
Width at the hamachi: 3.54cm or 1.39 inches.
Width at the Kissaki: 2.2 cm or 0.86 inches.
Kasane: 0.77 cm or 0.30 inches.
The weight of the sword: 1010 grams.
Shape: Wide and thick blade with deep Sori.
Kissaki is Chukkissaki. The Nakago is long.
Jigane: Ko Itame Hada well grained with Jinie attach.
Hamon: Nie Deki, Gunome Midare. I


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