Yoroi and Kabuto: Lacquered iron Iyo Huda Iroiro 2 Mai-Do Gusoku

Order number : F16848

Yoroi and Kabuto : Lacquered iron Iyo Huda Iroiro 2 Mai-Do Gusoku

Period : Mid Edo Period

Kabuto : Tetsu 60 Kan 3 Mai Tuduri Kabuto
60 lined iron plates, Hachibanza is made from Suaka plate.
Menpo : Iron plate, Suga are 3-dan iron plates.
Do : 2 plates of iron.
Kusazuri : 5 Dan 5 Kan Kitsuke-Kozane.
Haidate : 5 Dan Kitsuke-Kozane.
Suneate : Urushi-nuri iron plate Shino Suneate.
Sode : 5 Dan Hon-kozane.
Kote : Iron plate and Shino with cherry blossom engraved on plate.

Aoi Estimation Paper
The Association for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor Tokubetsu Kichi paper
With a Yoroibitsu

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