Wakizashi(Sunnobi Tanto):Kanefusa Hayato Jo Masatane Saku(NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token)

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Wakizashi(Sunnobi Tanto) in Shirasaya(NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token)

Signature: Kanefusa Hayato Jo Masatane Saku

(We divide 4 sections for each sword as Saijyo saku, Jyo-jyo saku Jyo saku and regular saku)
This sword belongs to Jyo Jyo Saku ranking.
The blade was polished.
Habaki : Gold foiled single and copper double habaki.
Blade length : 30.9 cm or 12.16 inches.
Sori :0.5 cm or 0.19 inches.
Width at the hamachi:3.03cm or 1.19 inches.
Kasane:0.5cm or 0.19 inches.
The weight of the sword:260 grams.
Era:Late Muromachi period.Tenbun era: 1532.
Shape:The blade is wide and thick long hirauchi style sunnobi tanto.
Jigane:Itame hada and mokume hada mixed
with jinie attach soft feeling texture.
Hamon:Nie deki gunome midare rather rough texture wild feeling.
In Hamon, somall sunagashi, kinsujiji work.
Bo-shi is round shape deep yakisage style.

Special feature:Kanabo(Kanefusa) was a swordsmith group in Kanabotsuji of Nara, in the late Muromachi period, and because the Mei of Kanabo Masatsugu has the writing “Wasyu Komori Ju”, they are supposed to make swords near the Isakawa Shrine in Hon Komori Cho. Kinbo’s work became in the best quality and got the best population in around Eisho 14 (1517)
To be led by Masatsugu, Masakiyo, Masatomi, Masasada, Masashige, Masazane, etc. were famous for making good swords. Yari of Kinbo is especially famous, and Hideyoshi Toyotomi gave Yuhei Ito the
Saemon Jyo Masanori Saku three-shaku spear as a prize for the Battle of Yamazaki.
The Tanto that Hideyoshi’s close vassal, Yamanaka Masatoshi, ordered Masatomi to make, has the long Mei of “Nanto Jyu Kinbo Hayato Fujiwara Masayoshi”.
Kinbo had won a reputation for making swords such as the Hyoei Jyo Masatsugu Kanmuri Otoshi shaped sword, which was introduced to the Matsudaira family in Unshu. After Keicho, swordsmiths in Kyoto got very powerful, enough to make them fall as “Naramono”, in other words “Kazuuchi”(mass produced).

From Aoi Art :This work of Kinbo Hayato Jyu Masazane Saku is excellent in that the fine sunagashi and kinsuji work especially on the wide and rugged Gunome midare. Nakago is in good condition, and the inscription is also in good condition with just one Mekugi ana. There is no doubt that he had a incomparable skills even in Kinbo school, and we can feel the wild and rough atmosphere from its width. By all means, I recommend the works which went through the periods of wars.

NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token
Aoi Art estimation paper: whole Oshigata.

Price:450,000 JPY-.

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