Wakizashi:(Orikaeshi Mei) Shin □ (judged as Den Senjuin)

Ordering number: AS22076
Wakizashi in Shirasaya with Koshirae(NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token)(NBTHK Hozon Paper for the Kozuka and Kogai)

Signature :(Orikaeshi Mei) Shin □ (judged as Den Senjuin)

Front: Washu Senjuin Suriage, old taste. There are 2-letter Orikaeshi Mei, but it is too unclear to read after Shin”真”. Old-styled Kodachi blade. Little bit rough Itame-kitae
mixed with flowing Masa with Nie. Hamon is Suguha, Uchinoke, Hotsure, Kuichigaiba, small patterns of Yubashiri. Boshi is strong Hakikake. It is made in at least the Kamakura period and has enough characteristics to judge that it was made by Senjuin school. Back: Blade Length- 1 Shaku 7 Sun Han. Written by Tanzan in 2022.

(We divide 4 sections for each sword as Saijyo saku, Jyojyo saku Jyo saku and regular
This sword belongs to Saijyo saku ranking.
The blade was polished by high ranking polisher.
Habaki :Gold foiled single habaki.
Blade length: 51.6cm or 20.3inches.
Sori: 1.0cm or 0.39inches.
Mekugi: 2
Width at the hamachi: 2.52cm or 0.99inches.
Width at the Kissaki: 2.06 cm or 0.81inches.
Kasane : 0.56cm or 0.22inches.
The weight of the sword: 525grams
Era : The Hoji era, the mid Kamakura period. 1247
Shape :Kodachi-shaped Orikaeshi Mei blade. (Very rare) Hadame is visible and keeps
its condition of those days. Muku-kitae work.
The Shinogi has Hadame so the sword is Muku-Kitae style
Jigane : Itame-Hada with O-Itame-Hada, Jinie and Utsuri are visible.
Shinogi: Itame-Hada with O-Itame-Hada.
Hamon : Suguha with Niede, Kuichigai-Ba, Yubashiri and Uchinoke. Boshi is round
shape Hakikake style.

Special feature: Very heavy and the blade edge has good thickness(Nikuoki). Shinogiji is
left so we can see forging of those days well.

Koshirae:NBTHK Hozon Paper for the Kozuka and Kogai: Mumei (Kyo Kinko)
Tsuba: Iron Tsuba. Autumn plants and insects are engraved with gold.
Fuchikashira: On Shakudo plate, waves are engraved with gold color.
Saya: Aogai Chirashi Saya with black lines.
Menuki: Shakudo plate. Clouds and a bowl are engraved with gold color.
Kojiri: On Shakudo plate, patterns are engraved with gold color.
Kozuka: On Shakudo Nanako plate, dog is engraved with gold color. Adorable.
Kogatana: Mei- Kanemitsuyama Fujiwara Kiyonaga
Kogai: On Shakudo Nanako plate, dog is engraved with gold color. Adorable.

From Aoi Art: This sword seems to have been preserved very carefully. The condition is healthy and Koshirae is well-made. Orikaeshimei is partially unclear, but we can judge its production date from its left Shinogiji. Dr. Tanobe has written great Sayagaki, we truly recommend this one to you.

NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token
NBTHK Hozon Paper for the Kozuka and Kogai
Aoi Art estimation paper : whole Oshigata by Ayaka Tsuruta

Auction starting Price:1,100,000 JPY-.

The item was sold at the auction

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