Wakizashi: Iga no Kami Fujiwara Kanemichi(5th)(NBTHK Hozon Paper)

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Wakizashi in Shirasaya(NBTHK Hozon Token)

Inscription: (Kiku mon) Iga-no-Kami Fujiwara Kanemichi(5th)
Nihon Kaji Sosho

Our company categorizes swords based on their craftsmanship as top-notch, excellent, high-quality, and standard. This sword is classified as a high-quality sword.

This sword has been polished.
Habaki: mad of wood
Blade Length: 55.9 cm (22.01 in)
Curvature: 1.3 cm (0.51 in)
Peg Hole: 1
Moto Width: 2.65 cm (1.04 in)
Saki Width: 1.92 cm (0.76 in)
Thickness: 0.61 cm (0.24 in)
Sword Weight: 470g

Era: late Edo period, around late 18th century.

Shape: The highly warped blade with long sori.
Jigane: small Itame hada.
Hamon: Suguha and Gunome-midare are mixed.

Features: Iga Kami Fujiwara Kanemichi(伊賀守藤原金道) is a swordsmith from Kyoto. Kinmichi the 5th is desgnated as Wazamono(業物). Hamon is gorgeous and Jigane is beautiful. We recommend it.

NBTHK Hozon Paper
Aoi Art estmation paper
Whole Oshigata

Price: 350,000 JPY-.

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