Tsuba:mumei (Tetsugendo school)

Ordering number : AF18400

Tsuba:(NBTHK Hozon Paper)
Mei (signature) : mumei(Unsigned)(Tetsugendo school)

Length : 8.12 cm x 8.12 cm ( 3.19 inches x 3.19 inches)
Thickness of rim :0.46 cm ( 0.18 inches)
Jidai(era) : Late Edo period.
Weight: 114grams.

Special Feature: On the round shape iron Tsuba, rise up Mimi and engraved Nio god Takabori
and open work. Tetsugendo is called Okamoto Genbei Toshiyuki and called Tetsugendo Syoraku
well known craft man. His subjects are iron plate and engraved very sharp painstaking
work. (If this kind of well engraved on the sword, the price must be very expensive(
By the way, you are not get tired watching long time.
Okamoto Genbei Toshiyuki was a student of the Tetsuya Denbei Kuniharu and called Naoshige
Syoraku who passed away Anei 9 Nen(1780) His subjects are all iron plate and called 3 famous craft men
Ichinomiya Nagatsune, Ootsuki Mitsuyo 3 famous Kyoto craftmen.
This Tsuba was judged as Tetugendo school which is rather small size with thick engraved Yamabushi,
Oni, wood grasses by iron gold and silver syakudo copper plates vividly nice engraaved Tsuba.
On the front half size, 5 Yperson i who were changed to yamabushi
who hold iron pole and woods on the shoulder, going to Ooe mountain  
upper part left side ,an old guide and lower part is a child guide
is taking care massive samurai. on the back side, on the left side upper part,
on the rock a samurai who is taking some samurai watching to ONI by looking sharply probably Minamoto Yoritomo.
On the right hand, some Oni are watching under fear of harm with Hoko and long swords.
Tetsugendo made like this kind of very delicate engravind.
I think he is one of the best engraver for iron plate. We strongly recommend this marvelous Tsuba.

NBTHK Hozon Paper
AOI estimation paper
In Kiri box.

Auction starting Price : 165,000 JPY-. (including the shipping fee)

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