Tsuba:Ito Masatoshi

Ordering number : F18446

Mei (signature) :Ito Masatoshi

Length : 8.10  cm x 7.77 cm (3.18 inches x 3.05 inches)
Thickness of rim: 0.43 cm ( 0.16 inches)
Jidai(era) :Late Edo period.

Special feature:On the round shape iron Tsuba, 3 egg plants are engraved、2eggplants made the part of the  fruits and a whole one. This design is remarkable. 

From Aoi Bijyutsu:Th real family name is Muto and name is Genpachi. He sometimes named Masami and borned at Ansei 2nd(1773) He was pwermitted to a stream of Nara school and became a student of the Iwamoto konkan and lived North Iga city in Yotsuya.  He made many fine Kodo-gu. A lot of craftsmen tried to make Tsuba of the eggplantts including Kinai school craftsmen but it is difficult to see like his nice designed Tsuba which is larger and nice iron colored Tsuba.

AOI estimation paper
In Kiri box.

Auction starting Price :50,000 JPY-. (including the shipping fee)

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