Tsuba: Jakushi

Ordering number : AF18497

Mei (signature) : Jakushi

Length : 10.04 cm x 8.82 cm ( 3.95 inches x 3.47 inches)
Thickness of rim: 0.39 cm ( 0.15 inches)
Jidai(era) : Edo period.
Weight: 166grams.

Special feature: Large size iron Tsuba, dragon is engraved.
Kawamura Jakuchu the first generation is a artist at Nagasaki at early Edo period.
He learned paintings from Itsuzen, the monk of Zen meditation (Obaku) and inlay technique from Mokuan.
He became the founder of Wakashiba school.

AOI estimation paper
In box.

Auction starting Price : 30,000 JPY-. (including the shipping fee)

The item was sold at the auction

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