Tsuba: Gyonen 84 sai Tadasige Saku (51st NBTHK Juyo Paper)

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Tsuba:(51st NBTHK Juyo Paper)(Consignment Sale)
Mei (signature) : Gyonen 84 sai Tadasige Saku

Length: 8.38 cm x 7.98 cm(3.29 inches x 3.14 inches)
Thickness of rim: 0.39 cm (0.15 inches)
Jidai(era): The middle of Edo period.
Weight: 118grams.

Special feature: Unusual shape iron Tsuba, Soto design(window and Kiri) is engraved with open work. The rim is round shape.
Excerpt from the Juyo paper: The Akasaka School is said to be a sect that migrated
from Kyoto to Akasaka, Edo, in the early Edo period.
The first three generations of the school, Tadamasa I, Tadashige II, and Tadatora III,
did not have works inscribed with their signature, and it was not until the fourth generation,
Tadatoki IV, around the Genroku era, that works inscribed with their signatures existed,
including one inscribed “Bushu Ju Akasaka Hikojuro”.
From then until the end of the Edo period, the legitimate lineage took the name Tadatoki.
The author of this Tsuba, Taemon Tadashige, was studied under Tadatoki IV,
and in his later years, he was a man of longevity known by the signature,
“At the age of 84, by Tadashige,” and his skills are praised as being among
the best of the four to nine generations of Akasaka Tsuba craftsmen.
This work is late work by Tadashige at the age of 84.
The Tsuba is excellent, with a luster to the iron,
and the composition is a new twist on the model of Kanshiro of Higo.
This is an excellent work that shows the true potential of Tadashige.
This is a good example of the characteristics of Tadashige.

51st NBTHK Juyo Paper
AOI estimation paper
In Kiri box.

Price : 2,500,000 JPY-.

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