Tanto:Mumei (Shinshinto Kaifu)(NBTHK Hozon Token)

Ordering Number: AS23550

Tanto in Koshirae(NBTHK Hozon Token)

Inscription: Uninscribed (Shinshinto Kaifu 新々刀海部)

Our company categorizes swords based on their craftsmanship as top-notch, excellent, high-quality, and standard. This sword is classified as an high-quality work.

Habaki (Collar): silver habaki
Blade Length: 24.4 cm / 9.61 in
Curvature: 0.4 cm / 0.2 in
Peg holes: 1
Base Width: 2.8 cm / 1.1 in
Tip Width: Not specified
Thickness at Base: 0.6 cm / 0.2 in
Weight: 200 grams

Era: around the end of the Edo peirod
Shape: Wide and thick tanto with curve. Bo-hi is carved on both sides.
Jigane: Ko-itame and mokume-hada with whitish utsuri.
Hamon: soft niedeki suguha

Characteristics: Kaifu is the swordsmit in Awa area from the Muromachi period.

Tsuba: Copper base with cherry blossom motif carved in red copper.
Fuchi-kashira : A monk is carved on a shakudo base. There is the inscription of “Tsunenao(常直)”
Saya: Black stone-patterned saya (scabbard).

From Aoi Art: Typically, Kaifu’s swords have an inscription on the jigane. I think it is rare that Kaifu’s sword has an inscription on the nakago.

NBTHK Hozon Token
Aoi Art estimation paper
Whole Oshigata

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Price: 195,000 JPY-.

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