Tanto:Mumei (judged as Tegai)(Fujishiro Certificate)

Ordering number: AS23395
Tanto: In Shirasaya (Fujishiro Certificate)

Signature (Mei): Mumei (judged as Tegai)

In our company, we classify swords into categories such as “Saijosaku” (Top Quality), “Jojo saku” (Excellent), “Jo saku” (Good), and “Futsu saku” (Ordinary) based on the craftsmanship of the swordsmith. This work is ranked as “Jo saku” among the creations.

Habaki: Single-layer gold-foiled habaki
Blade Length: 24.8 centimeters (9.76 inches)
Curvature: Straight (0 cm)
Peg Hole: 1
Width at the Base (Motohaba): 2.11 centimeters (0.83 inches)
Thickness (Kasane): 1.0 centimeter (0.39 inches)
Sword Weight: 206 grams
Period: Nanboku-cho Period (Northern and Southern Dynasties Period)
Shape (Tsuba): This tanto has a wide width at the base (2.11 cm) and is characterized by a thick kasane (thickness) and an unusual straight tang.
Grain Pattern (Jigane): The itamehada (wood-grain pattern) mixed with mokumehada (burl grain pattern) is visible with a gentle reflection.
Temper Pattern (Hamon): The hamon features a soft ko-nie (fine granules) and gunome-midare (irregular waves), forming a nijuba (double-edged) hamon with a small rounded boshi (temper pattern at the tip).

Special Features: This tanto has been certified as “Tegai” by Fujishiro appraisal, a designation I also believe is appropriate.

From Aoi Art: A very rare Tegai tanto with a remarkably thick kasane (thickness) and a captivating appearance.

Fujishiro Certificate
Aoi Art Estimation paper: whole Oshigata by Tsuruta Ayaka
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Auction starting Price:270,000 JPY-.

This item was sold at the auction.

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