Tanto:Kanetoyo(NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token)

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Tanto: In Shirasaya with Koshirae (NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token)

Inscription: Kanetoyo

Suekoto: Chusaku: Mino

At our company, we categorize swordsmiths’ works as Saijo-saku (top quality), Jojo-saku (excellent), Jo-saku (good), and Futsu-saku (normal) based on their craftsmanship. This work is classified as Jojo-saku for Kanetoyo.

Habaki: Silver single-layer habaki
Blade Length: 25.15 centimeters (9.89 inches)
Peg Hole: 2
Width at the Base: 2.44 centimeters (0.96 inches)
Thickness: 0.49 centimeters (0.19 inches)
Sword Weight: 150 grams
Era: Muromachi period, around the Eisho era

Shape: The blade has a regular width and slightly thick ridge. It features two grooves on both sides of the blade, and the groove along the back is carved in the form of a bar.

Jigane (Ground Steel): The jigane exhibits fine ko-itame hada (small wood grain pattern) and is tightly packed, presenting a clear and refreshing appearance.

Hamon (Temper Line): The hamon is a rounded gunome-midare with a graceful and harmonious pattern, reminiscent of the work of Kanefusa. The tip of the hamon is rounded.

Special Features: This piece is excellently polished, particularly highlighting the high-quality hamon. The presence of sunagashi (sand-like streaks) and kinsuji (golden streaks) within the hamon adds character to this ancient-looking blade.

Koshirae (Mountings):
Saya (Scabbard): Black-lacquered scabbard with three kiri mon (paulownia crests) on the front and two on the back, decorated with fine gold makie.

Menuki (Hilt Ornaments): High relief design of autumn grasses and insects on a red copper ground with gold accents.

From Aoi Art: This tanto is a well-made blade from the Middle Mino province, dating back to the Muromachi period, around the Eisho era. Kanetoyo was a swordsmith who likely influenced Kanefusa, as he worked before Kanefusa’s time. During the Muromachi period, the region of Mino was known for its specialization in producing various tanto blades. Mino tanto blades, including this one, exhibit a slightly different style from those produced in Bizen and other regions, often showcasing a sharper cutting edge. We highly recommend this well-crafted Mino tanto.

NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token paper
Aoi Art Estimation paper: Whole Oshigata by Ayaka Tsuruta
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Price:450,000 JPY-.

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