Tanto : Inaba Toshiyuki Saku(1st generation)

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Tanto in Koshirae.(NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Paper)(NBTHK Koshu Tokubetsu Kicho Paper)

Signature : Inaba Toshiyuki Saku(1st generation)
Tenpo 4 Nen 2 Gastu Hi

Shin Shin To : Chu Jyo Saku: Inaba
(We divide 4 sections for each sword as Saijyo saku, Jyojyo saku Jyo saku and regular saku)
This sword belongs to yo Jyo saku Jyo Saku Regular saku J ranking.
The blade was polished.
Habaki : Silver double Habaki.
Blade length : 28.36 cm or 11.16 inches.
Sori : 0.3 cm or 0.11 inches.
Mekugi :  1
Width at the hamachi : 2.31 cm or 0.90 inches.
Kasane : 0.68 cm or 0.26 inches.
The weight of the sword 205 grams.
Era : Late Edo period, Tempo 4(1834).
Shape : Regular width and thickness with Sori.
Jigane : Ko-Itame Hada well grained.
The Jigane is clear.
Hamon : Nioi Deki, Hamachi is Suguha and then Gunome Midare
with Choji Midare. There are Ashi and circle.
Boshi: Round and pointed shape.

Special feature: Kenryushi Toshiyuki was a Feudal retainer of Inshu Tottori
Domain. He was a sword smith of Hamabe school the 4th generation.
He was a son of Minryushi Toshizane.
He paased away in Kaei 3(1850).

Tsuba: Shakudo Nanako Tsuba, Autumn plants are engraved with gold color.
Fuchikashira: Shakudo Nanako, Autumn plants are engraved with gold color.
Saya: Kawarinuri Saya.
Menuki: Shakudo, wild boar is engraved.

From Aoi Art : The founder of Kenryushi Toshiyuki is Toshitaka
who was a student of Minryushi Toshizane and also master of Minamoto Kiyomaro and Yamaura Saneo. He had many students.
Early works of Kiyomaro Choji Midare Hamon similar to Hamabe Toshitaka.
We recommend this Tanto to you very much.

NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token: NBTHK Koshu Tokubetsu Kicho Token.
AOI ART estimation paper: whole Oshigata.

Price : 450,000 JPY-. (including the shipping fee)
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