Sword stand: mother-of-pearl work

Ordering number : F16265

Sword stand:
Mei (signature) : Mumei (unsigned)

Sword stand : H 46.5 cm x W 48 cm x D 25.8cm
( H 18.30 inches x W 18.89 inches x D 10.15 inches)
Box : H 52.5 cm x W 50.5 cm x D 25.8 cm
( H 20.66 inches x W 19.88 inches x D 10.15 inches)

Period: The end of Edo to Meiji period.

Special feature : Wooden sword stand with Urushi lacquer and mother-of-pearl work. On the front, the landscape was painted.
One the side of a part for hanging a blade, there are Ume tree, plant design and phoenix are painted with Urushi lacquer.
The line of the edge with spot pattern is off in places.
But this sword stand is steady. We rarely see this kind of sword stand. This is very rare piece.

with Box(The box was made around moden times).
Aoi Art estimation Paper

Price : 250,000 JPY-. *Please note : The price does not include shipping fee.
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