Suzuri Box : Nashi-ji Yamabuki Makie Kajikawa saku

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Suzuri Box : Nashi-ji Yamabuki Makie

Signature : Kajikawa saku and the emblem
Origami : Hirame-ji Yamabuki Makie Ryoushi Suzuri Bako, Hosokawa family’s heirloom, has the signature of Kajikawa Hisajiro the Makie artist patronized by the shogunate government. the masterpiece should be appreciated.

Ryoshi Box : The river and Japanese kerria are drawn.
Box : The highest class gold Makie, Japanese kerria is drawn with Kin Nashiji and Ko Makie style. it’s also drawn on the lid of the box
Brush : Drawn with Kin Makie style.
Ko Katana : Drawn with Kin Nashiji style.
Suiteki : Made of Silver, flower is drawn with gold color.

Special Feature : Kazikawa Jogon was summoned by 5th Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi at Tenpo 2 (ca. 1682) to work for him. and since then Kazikawa family served over 12 generations.
The family was acclaimed as the highest ranking artist ever, and prospered until Meiji restoration.
Kazikawa’s style is known for Usuniku Takamakie, they wrote the signature of “Kaikawa saku with the emblem”. this green braid was used only for the Daimyo family.

From Aoi Art : By Kin Nashiji style with gold fragments, the artist shows the graduations of color very well. the flower is drawn by gold color, silver color, purple and brown. the patel is made of thin gold plate. Without questions I strongly recommend this toppest Makie art by Kazikawa the artist. there’s no flaws, the item in perfect condition, the signature is written in detail.
I can say that this is the picture of luxurious and gorgeous.

AOI estimation paper

Price : 5,500,000 JPY-. (include shipping fee.)

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